A.  League season will be from May through July.

B.  All teams will consist of any of the following: 2 players, 4 players or 4 players with 2 alternates.

C.  A player (including alternates) may only play for one team.

D.  Teams will play on Mondays (Downtown) and Wednesdays at The Castel Club 7:00 PM.

E.  In the event of a rain out, teams must makeup their games within 7 days to be agreed upon by the two  captains. If  rain starts while the game is in progress, the score will be where it ended at the make update.  Team Captains will determine a rain out by agreement.

F.  If a Team cannot make a schedule match, the Team Captain or representative must notify the other team no later then the day before the schedule match.  Each Team's Captain or representative must agree upon a rescheduling date.   Rescheduled games must be played before the play offs start.

G.  It is the responsibility of each Team Captain to contact each other and their members about rescheduled games and times of play.

H.  When a game is scheduled and called on a specific date and time, the teams playing will have 10 minutes to get to the court for each game after each 10 minute period one game will be forfeit (1/2) hour total.

I.    Each Team Captain (or a designate) must attend League meetings.  Time and place of meeting will be posted on IACCLV website.

J.  All teams will play by the IACCLV rules and regulations of play.

K.  A $125.00 entrance fee must accompany each team application no matter the team size as stated in B.

L.  League players must be a member of the IACCLV; this does not apply to tournaments.



1.  Coin flip will determine color of balls and which team has first play.

2.  Taking the top 6 teams and having a playoff will determine league winners.

3.  Teams will play three (3) games in rotation, with each game going to twelve (12) points.  First team to reach 12 points wins the game.

4.  In the event a team forfeits a game for any reason, the opposing team will win all 3 games.

5.  Once a game begins, teams cannot substitute until the game is over.  The players starting the game must finish the game.



a.  Two members of each team play at opposite ends of the court for the full game.  Both members of a 2 men team walk.

b.  Each team member must throw two balls when play is on their side.

c.  The PALLINO must stop between the centerline and the line closest to the far baseboard and 6" from sideboard.

d.  The team throwing the PALLINO has only ONE attempt to properly place the PALLINO.  If unsuccessful the throw goes to the opposing team.

e.   Players may follow the ball  down the field after releasing it at the release line, but only to center of court no further.

f.   Coaching will be permitted by players standing at opposite end but will not be allowed to go more than half court.

g.  Banking is allowed.  Bocce hitting far baseboard without hitting another bocce ball are dead and removed.

h.  The referee is responsible for all measurements, and has the authority to disqualify a team.  The referee's word is final.

i.   After one warning per game for any violation, the referee at his discretion may forfeit the game; Tournament rule.

j.   When a team is called, they have 10 minutes to get on the court, otherwise they forfeit the game; Tornament rule.

k.  The courts must be cleaned and swept after each league or tournament play.

Ladies Summer Bocce - Contact Cynthia 610-972-7142

if you are interested in getting together Tuesday nights for friendly competition and fellowship at 6:30 PM.